ETH Analysis


ETH/USD Technical Overview

Ethereum offers a platform on which anyone can build decentralized applications. Ethereum is a platform that’s built specifically for creating smart contracts. Smart contracts facilitate and verify arrangements between different parties where blockchain plays the role of intermediary in solving disputes. This lowers the cost associated with settling disputes and making agreements.

Currently, agreement on the security of the Ethereum is maintained by the mechanism called proof-of-work which rewards the miners in updating the current state of the blockchain with a token for Ethereum called Ether. Maintaining network with proof-of-work is expensive, and Ether flows help in aligning incentives of network participants to maintain a functional and healthy network. There are plans to migrate Ethereum to proof-of-stake from proof-of-work. Proof-of-stake enables the holders of Ether to stake a huge amount of Ether as collateral for the chance to extend the blockchain.

Factors affecting the ETH/USD – Bullish vs Bearish

One of the factors that most likely affect the price of Ethereum is demand and supply. The more people invest in ETH, the higher its price would be. When the people start to sell ETH in large numbers, the Ethereum price will crash down.

Another factor that might affect the price of Ethereum is that it’s the platform of choice for many ICOs. There are so many cryptocurrencies that exist on the Ethereum platform as ERC-20. It is also a platform that has multiple applications. Unlike other big names like Bitcoin and Litecoin, Ethereum is more than a financial platform. It also offers a platform for decentralized applications and for executing smart contracts. Ethereum blockchain-based platform offers an opportunity for the developers to experiment with the new technology. As smart contracts and decentralized apps have revolutionized the world, Ethereum is certainly a good investment.

Yearly Forecast

2019 was not very successful for Ethereum, but investors are hopeful for the coming years. Here are the future price predictions for Ethereum:


WalletInvestor believes that in the coming year, the price of ETH will rise to $270 and will reach to $844 USD in 2025.

Coin switch

Coinswitch has predicted that ETH will grow up to $484, and at the end of the year 2020, it will reach up to $1449.

Bobby Ullery

Bobby Ullery believes that total cryptocurrency capitalization in 2020 is going to reach $4.5 trillion. Bobby predicts that 1 ETH is going to cost $11,375 in 2020.