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Ethereum Smart Contracts: Agreements over the Blockchain Network

Ethereum Smart Contracts

Ethereum is a computing platform that has been decentralized and generates Ether which is a well-known cryptocurrency token. What the programmers do is that they create certain “smart contracts” which are automatically implemented as per the code written on Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Smart Contract

Though Ethereum is often described and is being compared with Bitcoin to be in the same frequency, it is somehow different in terms of some crucial features. Bitcoin is characterized by the decentralized platform that supports the payment network which easily allows the transfer of the Bitcoin tokens between the users. On the other hand, Ethereum has intentions that are more prolific and vast in its features.  The Ethereum Virtual Machine supports the smart contracts for working over the network that features distributed computing. The network includes all those devices that have Ethereum nodes running within them.

How Does a Smart Contract Work?

Smart Contracts are actually those applications that are being implemented on Ethereum Virtual Machine. This is the decentralized form of the world computer where the Ethereum nodes provide the power of computing that is being paid in Ether tokens for those resources. The reason behind these smart contracts is that as soon as the “contracts” are written, they get executed automatically as the requirements are fulfilled. Smart contracts can be used for a variety of purposes. Just like the software libraries work, the smart contracts can as well offer features to other smart contracts.

Technical Procedure of Smart Contract

The Smart contract application can be used for storing the required information over this Ethereum blockchain. Adequate Ether must be sent as the transaction fee, in order to successfully execute the code of the smart contract. The amount of resources essential for computing is the deciding factor behind the requirement of Ether. Ethereum nodes are being paid for supporting their power of computing. As per ETH news, CryptoKitties is one of the familiar applications which is available in the Ethereum network using smart contracts. This affirms itself for being the leading game which has been developed over the technology of blockchain. This smart contract that works easily as a bond between the two parties is being approved first and then the same is written in the code format into the blockchain. The contract smartly executes itself when there are some actions required for specific prompting occurrences like the emerging of expiration dates.

A General Scenario of How Smart Contract Works

There are lots of queries related to the actual working of smart contracts. Here is a basic illustration of how the smart contract works. Let’s imagine that Ronald wants to buy a house from John. The whole agreement can be prepared by means of a smart contract over the Ethereum blockchain. This is the contract that defines the agreement and the various terms of the agreement between these two persons. Now, just after the agreement in the form of a smart contract gets sealed with the predetermined terms and conditions, the agreement cannot be altered. The transactions that would happen in between these two persons will remain absolutely safe and secured. Without the presence of this smart contract, both the buyer and the seller of the property would have to make hefty payments to the third-party organizations for the same task that may require a lawyer, a property broker and obviously the bank. All the hassle of buying and selling things like property and other such agreements are now easier without the involvement of third parties.

Examples of Using Smart Contracts

Insurance companies, government bodies and the various health organizations use this Ethereum Smart Contract for their agreements and transactions. , Atlas Insurance located in Malta and the Axa in France, both used the smart contracts for the first time in 2017. They had archetypes that remunerated airline customers if their flights were late. Apart from them, a large part of the medical industry uses this concept for recording and transferring data safely. For the governments, the voting system can be kept secured and accurate with this technology.


With Ethereum blockchain, the transactions and data are highly secured for big corporate houses as well general people as it can make the transaction job a more secure task for everyone involved in it. Apart from that if you want to know more about Ethereum then you must click here to get the live ETH price with Ethereum price prediction by crypto experts. 

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